Open to receive. Eager to discuss. Striving to transform.

A first-class research university for students who want to think through deep and complex questions in philosophy and theology.

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One of the oldest university colleges in Canada.

With its specialization in philosophy and theology, Dominican University College is devoted to nourishing critical thinking, analysis, teamwork and overall, a unique educational experience.


DUC’s board of directors has decided to suspend, as of January 3, 2023, new admissions to all programs (in both philosophy and theology, and across all levels of study). For more information, please contact the registrar’s office.

Tuition Affordability

Dominican University College offers the lowest tuition fees in Ontario. Our approach is to provide every student with the opportunity to obtain higher education and launch a career.

Located in Ottawa – Capital City

Conveniently located in the downtown core area, the university is easily accessible by transit and offers access to Rideau Canal, Parliament, shopping, dining and strolling areas.

Faculty to Student Ratio of 1:7

Dominican University College’s learning environment with small class sizes will appeal to many. With a 1:7 faculty to a student ratio, students enjoy high levels of interaction with peers, faculty and support staff that fosters academic and professional success and excellence.

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