Academic Calendar

Important dates throughout the academic year

Fall Session (September-December 2021)

September 6thLabor Day (DUC closed)
September 7thRegistration
September 8thMeetings, student association events, mass
September 9thStart of the fall session
September 15thLast day of registration for fall term
September 24thDeadline for changes to course selection
September 30thPayment deadline for tuition fees
October 8thAuthorized withdrawal deadline
October 11thThanksgiving Day (DUC closed)
October 25th - October 29thStudy week
November 21stConvocation
December 1stPre-registration for seminars and courses for the winter session
December 13thLast day of classes
December 14th - December 20thExams
December 21st – January 1stChristmas Break (DUC closed)

Winter Session (January-April 2022)

January 6thRegistration / Start of the winter session
January 17thLast day of registration for winter term
January 21stDeadline for changes to course selection
January 28thSt. Thomas Aquinas Feast Day
January 31stPayment deadline for tuition fees
February 15thAuthorized withdrawal deadline
February 21stFamily Day (DUC closed)
February 21st - February 25thStudy week
April 13thLast day of classes
April 14thHoly Thursday (DUC closed)
April 15thGood Friday (DUC closed)
April 18thEaster Monday (DUC closed)
April 19th - April 25thExams

Spring Session (May-August 2022)

May 2ndRegistration / Start of the spring session
May 9thLast day of registration for spring term
May 20thDeadline for changes to course selection
May 23thVictoria Day (DUC closed)
May 31stPayment deadline for tuition fees
June 24thSt. Jean Baptiste Day (DUC closed)
July 1stCanada Day (DUC closed)
August 1stCivic Holiday (DUC closed)
August 19thEnd of the spring session