Faculty of Philosophy

From the Ancients to the Medievals to Contemporary times



Philosophy opens the mind to the most fundamental ideas of our world. People make decisions and even build their societies upon beliefs about what is right, what is just, and what brings about happiness. Whether it is in politics or ethics, history or religion, philosophy provides the tools to reach into the foundations of thinking, and develop new perspectives. Studying philosophy will help you learn to read critically and communicate with clarity. Philosophy students develop insightfulness, methodical thinking and open-mindedness. More fundamentally, philosophical training will help you develop your own worldview.


Reflecting the Canadian ethos, each program is offered fully in French and in English through courses and research seminars. As a bilingual university, presentations, dissertations, and any other evaluation materials may be submitted in either language. The environment at DUC acts as a point of convergence between the French and the English philosophical traditions, allowing our students to discover the various academic schools of thought within them.



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