Faculty of Theology

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Areas of Specialisation

Bible and Culture

Continuing within an established and thriving tradition, the Faculty of Theology considers the study of Scripture as one of its areas of specialisation. Approached from the angle of exegesis and hermeneutics, the study of the Bible at DUC aims to understand the biblical texts as they are in themselves in a technical way, and further, unpack the resonance of these texts within the Tradition. Ultimately, the research seeks to identify various insights that can respond and dialogue with contemporary questions today.


Ethics and Anthropology

Within a theological framework, this area of specialisation seeks to bring about a deeper understanding of the human person and its actions. The research currently pursues the following areas: 1) To study the contribution of the theological reflection within bioethics and clinical ethics; 2) To explore the ethical and epistemological practices in health care; 3) To deepen the contribution of spirituality in the practices of care and accompaniment in the health care field; 4) To develop a Christian anthropology considering contemporary challenges.

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Representing the Canadian ethos, each program is offered fully in French or English through optional courses and research seminars. As an official bilingual university, presentations, dissertations, and any evaluation may be submitted in either language. Our students are enabled to discover the various academic schools of thought, the DUC environment acts as a converging space between both French and English publications from across the world.



Canonical Status

Since 1976, the Faculty of Theology at Dominican University College is an accredited ecclesiastical faculty and is able to grant canonical degrees. You are invited to speak with an academic advisor to inquire about the conditions for obtaining such a degree. Normally, a certain amount of philosophy is required to be eligible for this recognition.

Since 2018, The Faculty of Theology at Dominican University College has joined forces with the Institut de pastorale des dominicains  (IDP) in Montreal with which it now shares professors and students.


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