Lawrence Dewan Chair in Philosophy and Saint Thomas Aquinas scholarship

Dominican University College (DUC) grants a merit-based scholarship to incoming Master’s and Ph.D. students in Philosophy who demonstrate exceptional accomplishment, intellectual promise, and interest in working on the philosophical and theological writings of Thomas Aquinas.

Thomas Aquinas, a Dominican friar of the 13th century, has had a major and diversified impact on Western thought since the Middle Ages. His writing is a common heritage for academia everywhere on a wide-ranging spectrum of topics. At DUC, Aquinas’ philosophical options constitute a formidable foundation for general education for anyone going to University or getting involved in society or in the Church.

At Dominican University College, we enjoy an uninterrupted tradition of reading and thinking in the wake of Thomas Aquinas philosophical and theological options. For almost thirty years at Dominican University College, Father Lawrence Dewan, O.P., lectured on Aquinas and held an annual graduate seminar on specific philosophical problems, with a special interest in metaphysics and ethics. Throughout these years, he also taught, gave lectures and conferences, published elsewhere in Canada, in the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Europe.  He was in constant critical dialogue with other leading figures of Thomism and with ethical issues in society and philosophical questions in academia. He died in February 2015.

Dominican University College wishes to honour Father Lawrence Dewan, O.P. and to continue his tradition. This is why the “Lawrence Dewan Chair in Philosophy and Saint Thomas Aquinas scholarship” has been created. Dominican University College is the only bilingual Canadian university to offer an annual graduate research seminar on Aquinas and to offer, at the undergraduate level, different courses introducing students to his works and ideas.

This year the Dominican University College is pleased to announce a scholarship to its incoming Master’s and Ph.D. students for September 2021 intake. The scholarship is open to Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents.

One (1) scholarship in the amount of $5,000 is available to students admitted in September 2021. The scholarship will be awarded for one academic year only and is not renewable. The scholarship funds will need to be directed towards tuition coverage and will be provided by the university in three installments throughout the academic year.

Criteria for the “Lawrence Dewan Chair in Philosophy and Saint Thomas Aquinas scholarship”:

  • Applicants should either have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Philosophy. An undergraduate or graduate degree in Classical Studies might be considered.
  • Applicants should have outstanding undergraduate or graduate degree records (B+ average or higher)
  • In the letter of intent, applicants need to demonstrate research interest in a subject matter from Thomas Aquinas’ works and ideas that will be covered in students’ Master’s or Doctoral thesis
  • Bilingualism and knowledge of Latin is considered to be an asset

Learn how to apply for the scholarship.


Scholarship Application Deadline:

The applications for the “Lawrence Dewan Chair in Philosophy and Saint Thomas Aquinas scholarship” can be downloaded online or requested in person from the Office of the Registrar (Room 310). The application form, the letter of intent and transcripts must be completed and returned to the Office of the Registrar by the application deadline – August 17, 2021, either in person or mailed to:

Dominican University College
Office of the Registrar, Room 310
96 Empress Ave, Ottawa
Ontario, Canada K1R 7G3
Tel: 613-233-5696 (ext. 310)

Prospective students should also have all admission materials submitted prior to September 2021 intake.  Applications for admission to Master’s and Ph.D. programs can be found here:

Dominican University College is looking forward to reviewing your application for admission and the “Lawrence Dewan Chair in Philosophy and Saint Thomas Aquinas scholarship” for the 2021-2022 academic year!