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Notice: DUC’s board of directors has decided to suspend, as of January 3, 2023, new admissions to all programs (in both philosophy and theology, and across all levels of study). For more information, please contact the registrar’s office.

Dominican University College (DUC) trains critical and creative thinkers to address today’s tough questions. Our class sizes allow for personalized and individual attention, ideal for helping students take that extra step in their education. Professors have an open door policy and are eager to see each student succeed. Our bilingual programs allow students to study in French, English or both. The percentage of undergraduate students who go on to do graduate studies at DUC is one of the highest in Canada.

Classroom discussions and debates often spill over into student lounges and local coffee shops. There are also local and international educational opportunities supported by DUC which give students exposure to foreign cultures, languages
and societies.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to undergraduate students interested in pursuing a degree in philosophy or theology, and to those who would like to enroll for single courses as special students. Join us in cultivating the habits of academic and human excellence.

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