Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with double major in Philosophy and in Theology – B.A.sp.Ph.Th.

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The Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Philosophy and in Theology is a four-year honours program aimed at students seeking a solid basis in Philosophy and in Theology in order to pursue studies in either discipline. Studies for the first two years range from the Greek philosophers to modern and postmodern philosophers, in an attempt to understand and link the various currents of philosophical thought and acquire a broad philosophical culture. Following the first two years of studies, this degree with an optional major in Theology gives the students the possibility of pursuing their studies in the theological field and acquiring a basic theological culture with an overview of Scriptures, the main currents in the history of Christianity, and fundamental questions related to the Christian doctrines and practices.

The general academic objective of the program is to provide extensive knowledge of philosophical doctrines and arguments of the central figures of the history of philosophy, and a good background in theological issues. Particular attention is given to develop theoretical and argumentative strategies in philosophical problem solving and to provide theoretical and practical knowledge of methods and scientific approaches in various theological domains. A BPh Oral Examination is required as a prerequisite for pursuing graduate studies in philosophy at the Dominican University College.

In Summary

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with a double major in Philosophy and in Theology – B.A.sp.Ph.Th. is a 4 year honours program.
  • Requirements: 120 credits, with a minimum of 60 credits in Philosophy and 60 credits in Theology.

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