Registrar’s Office

Registrar’s Office (office 310)

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for all matters related to a student academic file and registration. Administrative services provided by the registrar’s office include:

  • Admissions
  • Course Registration and Modification
  • Change of Program
  • Transcripts and Diplomas
  • Letters of Enrolment
  • Student ID Cards
  • Financial Aid (OSAP, etc.)
  • Change of Information
  • Dominicus (Student Portal)
  • Income Tax Declarations (T2202A & Relevé 8)
  • Complaint Intake (Sexual Violence and Harassment Policy)


For the various services, download and fill out the necessary form below. Submit it in person at the registrar’s office (office 310), or by email at

Office of Academic Services (office 309)

Services managed by this office include:

  • Information regarding courses (schedule, rooms, credits)
  • Reception of forms related to exam choices
  • Reception of Master’s dissertations and PhD theses
  • Management of photocopier services (user codes and payment of photocopies)
  • Classroom reservations
  • Locker rentals (10$ fee per academic year)
  • Management of course evaluations

You can contact the administrative services in person at office 309, or by email at

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