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Science et Esprit is a first-class research journal specialized in philosophy and theology. The journal was first established in 1948 by the professors of the Faculties of philosophy and theology of the Society of Jesus in Montreal. The journal maintained a high-level of academic quality and specialization since its inception, and followed the evolution of these disciplines by publishing articles in the fields of philosophy, epistemology, theology, biblical exegesis, and the new research methods that slowly developed throughout the 20th century. The journal has been run by Dominican University College since 1998.

Science et Esprit intends to stiumlate research in all disciplines related to philosophy and theology. The journal is open to the contribution of researchers from different schools and traditions in Canada and abroad. The journal does not privilege any particular research field or methodology. Nonetheless, over the years, the journal has become known for publishing articles in several particular areas, such as philosophical anthropology, epistemology, ethics, biblical exegesis, and systematic theology.

Due to its dual focus on philosophy and theology, its bilingual character, and its openness to different research traditions, Science et Esprit is uniquely placed within the landscapte of academic journals in the humanities in Canada.

You can reach us by sending an email to science-et-esprit@dominicanu.ca


Volume 75

Issue 2
May-August 2023
Table of Contents | Summaries | Received Works

Volume 75

Issue 1
January-April 2023
Table of Contents | Summaries | Received Works

Volume 74

Issue 1
January-April 2022
Cover page | Table of Contents | Summaries | Received Works

Volume 73

Issue 3
September-December 2021
Cover page | Table of Contents | Summaries | Received Works

Volume 72

Issue 3
September-December 2020
Cover page | Table of Contents | Summaries | Received Works


Copyright Transfer

Submitting a manuscript

Conditions for submitting a manuscript:

  1. The manuscript must be original.
  2. The manuscript must be sent by email in Microsoft Word or RTF format to science-et-esprit@dominicanu.ca. If the text contains Hebrew or Greek lettering, please also attach an PDF version along with your submission.
  3. The manuscript must not exceed a length of 5000 to 7000 words.
  4. The text of the article must be followed by a resume of the article of a length of around ten lines. The resume should be drafted in English and in French.
  5. The author’s name should not appear in the text.
  6. A title page containing the following information should be attached to the start of the manuscript:
  • The title of the article as indicated at the beginning of the manuscript
  • The number of words (including text and notes)
  • The name, mailing address, and email of the author


Evaluation of the manuscript:

  1. The manuscript will be submitted to two refereers for blind review.
  2. The referees are asked to submit their report one month after receiving the manuscript.
  3. In the case of a conditional acceptance or refusal of the manuscript, the reports of the referees will be sent to the author.
  4. Once the article has been accepted for publication, the author will complete the form for the transfer of rights, at the following link, and which attests that the article is an original work.

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Subscription Categories

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Editorial Committee

External Advisors

  • Yves Bouchard (Sherbrooke)
  • Gabor Csepregi (Saint-Boniface)
  • Thomas De Koninck (Québec)
  • Pierre Gisel (Lausanne)
  • Odile Flichy (Paris)
  • Jean Grondin (Montréal)
  • John Kloppenborg (Toronto)
  • Hervé Legrand, o.p. (Paris)
  • Georges Leroux (Montréal)
  • Daniel Marguerat (Lausanne)
  • Élisabeth Parmentier (Genève)
  • Anne Pasquier (Québec)
  • Peter C. Phan (Washington DC)
  • Claude Piché (Montréal)
  • Eleonore Stump (St. Louis MI)
  • William Sweet (Antigonish)
  • ​Walter Vogels, m.afr. (Ottawa)