Louis Roy O.P.

Research Interests

  • Prayer
  • Inculturation of the Christian Faith
  • Revelation and Interreligious Dialogue between Christianity and Buddhism
  • The Question of God
  • The Relationships between Psychology and Spirituality
  • Mysticism


  • Ph.D. (Th.), University of Cambridge, England
  • M.A. (Théologie), Dominican University College
  • M.A. (Philosophie), Dominican University College
  • B.Ph. Dominican University College


After studying in Québec, Montréal, Ottawa and Toronto, I taught at the Dominican University College (DUC) Institut de pastorale for seven years. In 1984, I earned a doctorate at Cambridge University, and then spent twenty years teaching theology and philosophy at Boston College. I am now professor of systematic theology at DUC.

I am interested in spirituality and mysticism, the matter of God, the revelation, the person of Jesus Christ, inculturation of the Christian faith and interreligious dialogue.



Recent Publications

Embracing Desire, trans. Robert Czerny with the assistance of Pierrot Lambert [= a translation of Libérer le désir]. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2019.

Publication en espagnol de La foi en dialogue : El reto de una fe coherente, traducido por José Manuel Bernal. Universidad Iberoamericana, Ciudad de México, 2019.

“Thomas Aquinas since Vatican II,” The Lonergan Review 10 (2019): 107–126.

“Principles of Fruitful Interreligious Dialogue: A Few Suggestions,” Studies in Interreligious Dialogue 29 (2019): 19–43.

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