Master of Theology (M.Th) – Civil Degree of one year

Become Seekers of Knowledge


This program aims to equip you with foundational research skills and abilities in the field of theology (Scripture, moral and systematic). Over the course of a full year, you will be initiated to graduate level methodology through seminars, courses, a comprehensive exam, and a 50 page research paper.

The M.Th. prepares you for diverse work in the Church, NGOs, public and private social organisations, journalism, etc.

Note: This program certifies High School Religion Teachers to increase on the pay scale qualifications.

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD studies in Theology, the Master of Arts in Theology program is recommended instead.

In Summary

First year:

  • Two research seminars – 6 credits – Fall / Winter semesters
  • One course on theological methodologies – 3 credits – Winter semester
  • One optional graduate course – 3 credits – Fall semester
  • Two courses from the undergraduate level – 6 credits – Fall / Winter semesters
  • One oral exam of 9 prepared questions – 6 credits – Spring semester
  • One research paper of 50 pages – Summer semester

Admission Eligibility

To be admitted to the M.Th. program, applicants must have:

  • Have a Bachelor’s in Theology (B.Th.) or the equivalent from a recognized college or university with an average grade of B- or above;
  • Be fluent in English or French and have a working knowledge of the other language (French or English). A high level of reading and oral understanding of French is required since French is the main language of the academic courses;
  • Have at least a working knowledge of one or more of the ancient languages (Latin, Greek, Hebrew), only if their thesis deals with original sources. The knowledge of these languages is necessary, however, for the canonical degree.


With over 140,000 works, our specialized library provides ample material in multiple languages. DUC encourages all students to engage with primary sources. The 5 floor library collects works in their original language, as well as in multiple translations. Registered students may also consult and sign out books from Carleton University, as well as from several other libraries in Ottawa. Nestled in a quiet part of the city, DUC’s library is an urban oasis; its quiet and friendly ambiance encourages reading and writing (while permitting the occasional daydream!). *Graduate students may request access to an individual study room in the library.

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